Fast and Easy Closet Door Spruce Up!

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One of our major non-negotiable goals with the renovation was more closet space in our bedrooms.  Our old closets were unbelievably small (like most 1940s era houses).  Our closets did have beautiful doors but with the big wide reach-in closets, those doors were no longer usable (I sold them on Craigslist).  We replaced them with standard bifold raised panel doors.  Although I love the look of solid doors which open straight out, they were not practical for our small-ish rooms and I wanted to maximize the furniture arrangement possibilities. 

But, unfortunately, these doors come with these lovely brown plastic handles -
I think I would prefer NO handles to these handles.  So, I decided to upgrade them with something metal which coordinates with the antiqued brass handles we had on our other regular doors (interior and exterior).  Fortunately, you can use standard cabinet hardware to replace these pull so you have nearly limitless possibilities for the change-out.  You may need to get some longer screws though.  I found these great handles at Home Depot.  And PRESTO - much more stylish closet doors. 

In my daughter Elizabeth's room, I decided to have more fun.  Her newly cleaned up and organized closet needed to make a little bit more of a statement on the outside (click here to read about that).  She originally chose this cute knob from Lowe's which served the purpose but didn't make any sort of statement.
But, I wanted to have more fun with it so I found this great knob at Anthropologie (on the same day I got the other knobs to upgrade the nightstands mini makeover).
They no longer have the exact one online but this one is similar.  Cute, right?

I cannot think of a quicker way to upgrade some boring closet doors.  I'd love to hear about your closet door upgrades by commenting below or sending me an email.

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