Veggie Garden "After"!

I've had some requests to see our veggie garden in its current "crispy" state after my post the other day.  Everything is still alive for the most part but it definitely it's definitely showing the effects of our 40 days of 90+ degree weather (which is crazy even for Virginia). 

So, here's the before (taken in late May) -

And here's the after (now) -

Not pretty at all but amazingly the plant with the most brown (left side) is our grape tomato plant which is pumping out the tomatoes left and right.  Our grape tomato plants look like this every year but we always get a couple of pints of tomatoes from them.  I'm really hoping we get a couple of peppers but I'm not holding my breath.

On the other hand, my herb garden looks amazing!!  Fortunately the herbs - especially the basil -  thrive on heat and neglect.  I am working on making a huge batch of pesto as a housewarming gift for our new neighbors - more on that to come!

Happy summer!