Tutti Fruiti Kitchen Centerpiece

I have been thinking about putting together an easy kitchen table centerpiece that we can move quickly when we need to eat there (2-3 times per day).  Since I currently love the look of glasses vases filled with interesting stuff - changeable throughout the year - I decided to head in that direction.

While shopping at Target the other day, I stumbled across some great mini fruit vase filler for only $4.95 for a box.  I then set out to find something to put with it.  I quickly found a great glass vase and a flameless candle - I love flameless candles because they are very safe (especially with kids around), most are now wax so they look realistic, and the LED lights last forever and don't burn up batteries quickly. 

So, here's the final result which just screams summer to me! 

The box of mini fruit included some red cherries and apples but I chose not to include those in the current display - I'll save those for fall.  I also had the placemat already - a previous Target clearance purchase!  For a total of about $20, I think the impact is really great. 

Here's a wider angle view of our eating area for those who didn't follow me for the 6+ months during renovation!

I'll be doing a few centerpiece ideas over the coming weeks so stay tuned!

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