Linen Closet Mecca!

I get a unique thrill out of a cleaned up closet!  I generally like to keep my closets orderly but for some reason, our master bathroom linen closet got really out of hand over the last few months. 

I just spent 15 minutes (literally!) cleaning it out ...

And the super organized after - no more wondering if there's any more shaving cream!

I had all of the baskets and plastic bins already.  Where are all the towels?  They are stored under our vanity on an open shelf - very easy to grab a new one when you need one.  I had originally thought I would put them in baskets, but since I like my towels folded neatly and consistently, no baskets were necessary! 

I also took the opportunity to throw out any expired medications and beauty products in our medicine cabinet over the vanity.  I LOVE opening that closet now!