HGTV Inspiration

If you are reading my blog, you have probably watched HGTV on occasion.  I admit that I am a total HGTV-aholic and Jim has been dragged along for the ride.  I even DVR my favorite shows so I don't miss a beat!  My mom (an avid designer and re-designer) frequently laments that HGTV has left it's "design" roots and has instead become a "real estate" channel, but I still love the channel.

My mom did turn me on to my current favorite, Sarah's House hosted by Sarah Richardson.  She is such a fantastic designer and I LOVE nearly everything she does.  The show's premise is that she buys a house and remodels the entire thing to her design aesthetic.  Every room makes me want to dive through the TV (fortunately Jim is there to hold me back).  And I am madly in love with her hysterical assistant, Tommy, who I want to be my new GBF ("gay best friend").

You can learn a lot from watching these shows.  Sarah talks a lot about why she makes her design decisions,  particularly her methods of mixing fabrics to create an overall feeling in the room.  I also love how she shows all of the hiccups and problems she encounters during the remodeling process.  I just wish I had her budget!!

The show is currently airing on HGTV on Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. ET.  Set your DVR!

Image courtesy of Sarah Richardson Design.