10 Minute Clean-Out

After last week's linen closet triumph, I decided to take 10 minutes last night to clean out the horrible area under our kitchen sink while watching The Bachelorette (total guilty pleasure).  Fortunately, I have a good view of the TV from our kitchen!

Admittedly, our sink cabinet was not as bad as it could have been but I had grown really tired of moving 2 or 3 things just to get the dog food out twice a day.

I have to admit that I am lucky enough not to have to clean that often.  We have a cleaning service that comes in every other week and it's some of the most worthwhile money that we spend.  Fortunately they bring some of their own cleaning supplies, and they use some of ours.  I am a firm believer in cleaning hardwood floors with nothing more than vinegar and water - especially with my little crawler on the loose.

So, first, I pulled everything out.  Then, I threw out the products that don't get used which was quite a few things.  I found some grill cleaner in the back which I put in the garage (closer to the grill - duh).  I cleaned the bottom of the cabinet which was not that dirty since we have only lived in this kitchen for 10 months. Finally, I put everything back in starting with the stuff that isn't used very often (silver polish!), and worked my way forward to the stuff that we use most often (Lysol and glass cleaner).  I wish we had space for one of those cool pull-out organizers but the pipes snaking around wouldn't allow me to maximize the storage under there, so I took advantage of the space that I had.  I put all of the smaller bottles into one wire basket so they don't get lost under the pipes and garbage disposal.

Here's the final product which admittedly doesn't look all that amazing but it seems so much more organized to me and I won't have to search for the dishwasher soap every night.  Plus, it didn't cost me a penny!

I hope this inspires you to dive under your sink and get it cleaned out!