Guest Room: Lovin' our Guests!

Over the last few months, we have been working on making our own guests spaces nice for our family and friends.  For our new basement guest room, we recently found this fantastic dresser at a local flea market (Eastern Market for the DC locals).  We were very constrained in space because of the closet and main doors, but this one fit perfectly.  It also has a fun secret drawer on the top!  As an added bonus, we got it for less than some options we found at Target and Ikea and this one was probably made in the 1920s out of REAL WOOD - shocker!  Just one of the many reasons why I love used furniture.

In our upstairs guest room, we have a lot more closet space (over 7 feet wide!!!) but no real space for a dresser in the room.  I've considered putting drawers in the closet, but in the interim we have a small night stand with a lot of drawers and plenty of shelf space in the closet.
Stay tuned for our next project - making an upholstered headboard for the basement guest room.  We're hoping to start tackling it this weekend (fabric purchased and measured drawing completed!) so hopefully I'll have something report back on next week.

I would love to hear about some of your decorating questions to see if I can help you out.  Just shoot me an email and ask away!  I may even feature your question (and hopefully the resulting changes) in a future post.