More prep work... Snow or Dirt tomorrow?

The site is ready now for digging! Today our central A/C unit was disconnected (fortunately we won't be needing that soon) and moved to our porch. If you want to reuse your A/C unit, it's a good idea to put this in a very safe place. They can get damaged by the machinery and are at great risk of being stolen in both urban and rural areas. Ours is safely on our screen porch for the timebeing along with a lot of other stuff.

The final surveys are also now done. The stakes and flags in our yard (and our neighbors' yards) are very confusing but I am counting on the surveyor to know what he's doing! Fortunately our architect is around to back up the measurements and to ensure the foundation will go where it is supposed to.

The second dumpster with the garage and porch debris is now gone as well. The dirt from the digging will be trucked out. Our lot is narrow so the only real access to our backyard is our driveway where the dumpster was previously kept. Barring a major snow event tomorrow (a dusting is predicted but you never know), I think the digging will begin.

We'll also have the movers here to move us across the street. It will be nice to have a fenced yard for the dog again! Tomorrow evening and Wednesday will be spent unpacking. Hopefully there will be a lot to watch across the street as well. I'll post pictures soon (when I unpack my camera).