Demolition Continues

The demolition continued today with a jackhammer removing the slab of cement which was the back porch. Of course this started during naptime on the day that Jim was home with our sick 2 year old! Fortunately we move on Tuesday so the noise issue will be pretty much eliminated... except that we'll probably still hear them because in a bizarre turn of events we are now renting a house across the street for the next 6 months!! A very long story that you readers won't care about but the moral of the story is to explore all of your rental options in your neighborhood before venturing outside of it!

Tomorrow the jackhammers return for another day of removing the rest of the back porch, rear sidewalk and exterior basement stairs.

Monday the backhoes and dump trucks come in and start digging our foundation. Our backyard is not large so space will be at a premium and the unneeded dirt will be trucked out as the hole is dug. Keep your fingers crossed for a dry week.
Check back next week for some pictures of progress!