Our Florida Beach Condo: TV Stand Picture Wall

I just realized I never wrapped up our Florida beach condo makeover posts from May. Whoops.

The last thing we worked on after I stripped the wallpaper border in the kitchen and spiffed up the balcony was the picture wall in the living room. I have always loved Mrs. Limestone's TV wall at her shore house and have wanted to create something similar in my own home. I don't have a spot for it at our house but this wall in our condo in Florida was definitely calling out for some love!

See? Not cute - and so boring compared to everything else we have done there. I found some clipart online that I modified and play with to recreate an image I had in my head of what this wall should look like. I printed them on regular paper and slapped them in these frames (from Target).  I would really like to get some chairs to use here in lieu of the extra dining room chairs. They are really not very attractive in here. 

On the opposite wall, I further refined my photo wall to include this awesome wood fish Ipurhcaserd at HomeGoods or Marshalls for about $10.  Now if only I could convince Handy Hubby that the leather couch needs to exit.

So those are the updates for now!! Enjoy your last few weeks of summer  (if you have a any left!)