Free Stool Makeover {Screen Porch}

About 2 years ago, I picked up some free stools from another member of my local moms' club.  Although I had originally planned to use them pretty much as is, I decided the style was not exactly going to work with the porch.  The new rug sealed the deal since I was evicting the color red from the porch.  

I started picking at the wicker covering and it was not coming off easily.  I gave up and let them sit on the porch for a while.  Finally, I ordered some outdoor-friendly fabric to cover them.  The base was a bit of a mystery, but I finally just decided that spray paint wouldn't hurt it so I went for it.  

They are currently hanging out next to our cart.  They can be pulled into the sitting area and used as a seat or footstool, or they can be pulled up to the table and used as another seat.

Not bad for $15 worth of fabric and a can of spray paint we already owned.