Art for the Walls {Hall Bath}

It's finished! Well… mostly.  I still need to do a little touch-up paint on the trim.  It's a can of worms though because there are LOTS of places in my house that need trim touch-ups so once I start I might need an entire day to complete it all.  Still… done enough for a long overdue post!

The final piece of the puzzle was the art.  I struggled to no end with this.  I wanted something meaningful yet inexpensive and able to stand up to the abuse offered up by an ancient bathroom with poor ventilation.

I took a bunch of pictures last time we were visiting my parents in Siesta Key at a favorite breakfast location called the New Pass Grill.  The charm is in the trash-to-treasure decor and the man pelicans and other birds walking around the place like they own it.  

These three made the final cut. I amped up the color using Picasa so they were much more brilliant and artsy than originally.  I love them!  I am going to blow them up on big canvases for my imaginary beach condo.  

The other details included the shower curtain purchased on clearance from West Elm in January.  

And a before and after photo...

Definitely more calming yet still cheerful and youthful enough for my kids.  Some people may still be holding a candle for the wallpaper.  To them I say - get over it.  It was peeling and only looked good from afar.

Here's a really rough budget breakdown:

Vanity - $600
Paint - $50
Rug - $20
Shower Curtain - $15
Ring pulls - $25
Art frames - $45
Faucet - $90
Light fixture - $100
Plantation shutter - $150

Total - $1095

Not bad considering I was really hankering to rip the whole thing apart and start fresh. I now feel I can live with it for another 5 years… maybe 3 years before I start planning the next remodel.

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