Plantation Shutters for the Master Bathroom

Our master bathroom shades and valances have never been my favorite.  This may be a theme on my blog!!  The shades were intended to be placeholders until I found something more suitable and permanent.  Cordless cellular shades are great for so many applications (my kids' rooms included), but I never loved them in our master bathroom.  When the shades were down, we couldn't see anything although the light filtering and privacy was nice.  The valances were from Walmart and certainly were not investment pieces, and I resold them for $15 for the set so it wasn't a total loss.  

Plantation shutters seemed like an obvious alternative.   I wanted to be sure before I made that kind of investment.  I'll often jump into things I'm not completely sure about if it won't cost much money.  That was the case with the valances and cellular shades (about $150 originally for all 3 windows).  I lived with them for 5 years and now I got exactly what I wanted.  

Here's what it looked like before.

 And now…

Might have to ask Handy Hubby about some crown molding in here.  I can only imagine the moaning and groaning I'm going to hear. 

I'm not sure I would ever put plantation shutters in every window in my house but they are super tempting!  I would love to add them to our bedroom at some point as well. 

Any plantation shutter lovers or haters?  What do you think of them in my bathroom?