Back-to-School Clothes Organization

Many of my friends tell me that I am lucky that Elizabeth is not very interested in clothes.  As long as an outfit is reasonably comfortable, she won't fight me.  She will occasionally wear skirts and dresses so long as she can wear tights, leggings, or bike shorts underneath (bikes shorts have been a LIFESAVER!).  I generally put out her clothes for school the night before and she puts them on.  Last year I tried to encourage her to pick out her own clothes but she is nervous that it won't look right if she does it.  I have analyzed the problem and realized that I often mix and match outfits, brands, etc. and that rattles her organized, rule-following mind.  She is her father's daughter.

While on our beach vacations this summer, I started organizing her clothes by outfit instead of by type of clothing (shirts, shorts, etc.).  She could pick out her own outfit without worry, thus exerting some of her own choice. AMAZING.  Perhaps I should do this for Handy Hubby too?

I reorganized her closet last week before school started - she was excited immediately!  Woohoo!  Here's how it looked before (though not quite this neat):

Here's how it looks now:

I took out a shelf and hung a bar at her height (thank goodness for Elfa).  I will probably move that shelf with the bar below it up another notch or two, so she has room for a few baskets for headbands and tights on top of her shoe cubbies.

I then assembled her outfits on a single hanger (for the most part):

She even helped me put outfits together and immediately put on an outfit that I don't think she has ever worn before - probably because I didn't even think of it as an outfit.  I found I put more thought into what goes together and what she could use to complete outfits -  more so than if I just throw things together the night before.  I realized she only has one shirt to go with a pair of bright yellow jeans (she does love colored jeans which is great).

And a picture of the proud closet owner (blog photo bomber):

I hope I can keep up with this system throughout the year.  I often hang out in her room while she gets ready for bed (pushing her along) so perhaps I can do some outfit assemblage instead of just sitting and waiting.

And here are my cuties on the first day of school.  Her dress is from Gymboree. Wish they had the dress in my size!

First day of school: DONE!  Both kids loved their teachers.  I hope the rest of the year goes as smoothly!