DIY Curtains in a Boy's Room {Alex's Room}

Although Alex has been "living" in his room for the past 18 months, I was debating (with myself) about the curtain situation.  I originally planned on a valance but after putting short curtains in Elizabeth's room, I knew this was the right option for Alex's as well.  

Here is the room where we last left off - 

I have celular shades from Home Depot in there now.  This is a great off the shelf option that happened to fit perfectly but they can also cut them to fit your window.  They have light filtering and room darkening.  I went with light filtering since we don't always remember to put them up in the morning.  Heck, the kid sometimes leaves the house without underwear unbeknownst to me!

Now fast forward a year later, and the curtains are in progress.  I had a bunch of leftover fabric from the living room pillow project a while ago.  I believe I originally bought this fabric for Alex's room but then got sidetracked with the pillows.  Thankfully I still had plenty.  I have enough for another room too - not sure what I was thinking when I bought this pile of fabric!!

A few late night sewing sessions ensued...

Handy Hubby took one for the team by installing the rods the night before he left for a bachelor party in Vegas.

Cheering section:

Now we are here and I LOVE it.  

The curtain rods with globe finials are from Pottery Barn Kids.  I bought one for cheap from my neighbor and then purchased a second on clearance.  I think I paid about $35 for both - a great deal!

The pattern mixing in this room makes me so happy.  It's cheerful and fun, just like my little guy.

He is listening to his music (likely the Disney Cars soundtrack!) here - not facing the wall for now reason!

A quick before and after because we all love before and after...


The room feels cozier and finished now.  A bare window always makes me feel like the room is waiting for something.  

What do you think?  Do you like the crazy mix of patterns?