Toy Corner Evolution {Family Room}

I am a big fan of baskets for storing toys (read more here).  I particularly like open baskets because I like kids to be able to see what's in there.  As my kids have grown over the past couple of years, I started to feel like our toy corner in our family room was a bit crazy.

I had been looking for some sort of shelf for my beloved open baskets.  I found a few such as this and this.  I could not find one that I really liked that also fit the space.  Fortunately Handy Hubby was looking for a furniture project so he made me this.  

I ended up buying new baskets because I wanted them all to match.  I'm sure I'll put the old ones to work somewhere.  By having the varying size baskets, I was able to organize the toys a bit better.  The bottom basket is all Disney Cars related toys.  We have soooooo many cars.  The middle basket is miscellaneous remote control cars and larger toys.  The top left basket is all Leapster games and gear (my kids love their old Leapsters!).  The top right basket is miscellaneous small toys that they play with a lot.  

I accessorized the top with a fake topiary, a vase my sister-in-law gave us for our wedding, and a little ceramic bird.  The books are oversized children's books which seemed fitting for the top of a toy shelf!

The art was done by 7 year old daughter.  She brought it home from school in her art portfolio during the last week of school and I instantly started looking for a frame to put it in.  I had it propped up in the kitchen for a few weeks but this seemed like the perfect place. 

I'm encouraging the kids to pull the baskets out and play with their toys.  So far, they have been playing with a lot of toys but generally keep the baskets on the shelf.  I'll let you know as time goes on and they get more used to the shelves.  Of course, I am still tripping on tiny Cars all over the house!  

Any favorite toy storage tips?