Doorways Safehouse: Washington Business Journal Philanthropy Awards

This morning I attended the Washington Business Journal Corporate Philanthropy Awards ceremony. 

These awards honor partnerships between local businesses and charities.  I am so happy to say that the partnership between Doorways and Sagatov Associates for the safehouse project was a top-4 finalist!  Although we did not win, it really felt like we did because this project was so rewarding and amazing. For more on the project click here - http://www.houseography.net/search/label/Doorways%20Safehouse

Also, today, the United Way of the National Capital Area is sponsoring “Do More 24” - a 24 hour crowd fundraising event intended to promote and support local charities.  The charity with the most donors receives an extra $15,000.  The minimum donation is $12.  There are MANY worthy charities participating but in case you are looking for one to support, please consider donating to Doorways.  More information here.

The website is receiving a tremendous amount of traffic (which is great!) so please be patient if it does not load the first time you try.