Spendalla Home Styling: Jen's Under $500 Powder Room Makeover {Reveal}

Woohoo! My first client project reveal!  

I started working with Jen back in early March to get her family's first floor powder room into shape.  There was nothing wrong with the room... except it just was not right for their family.  Jen said that even her friends agreed that this room was lacking.  They wanted to keep the bath fixtures and the wall color but other than that, they were game for whatever.  Here are the pictures from my first visit.

Nothing offensive, just not memorable.  Jen said she threw some stuff on the wall that she had when they moved in several years ago. The tiered baskets were functional.  Her requests were that she needed toilet paper storage (there's no vanity for storage), and a place for a few magazines.  She had a few inspirational pieces, including some Turkish bath bowls and a great sultan's signature that her parents brought back from their travels.  She loves the wall color as well (Sherwin Williams Red Bay #6321).  Her budget was $500 - definitely reasonable for a powder room.

I gave her three pieces of "homework" - first to paint the lower half of the walls the same color as the trim.  It was painted a contrasting creamy yellow color which gave the room a country feel.  Jen is not a country girl!  Second, they had to take down the old mirror which was clearly a builder special.  Last, they had to change out the light fixture.  I had sent her several options by email a few weeks ago. She chose and ordered her choice after seeing my mirror selection.

When I arrived last Friday morning to install, she had done her homework. Gold star! Her kids also signed the wall under the old mirror.  Cuteness!

About an hour and a half later, I revealed this to Jen.

The rug is one of my favorite aspects of the new space.  It adds drama and interest, but also is functional in that it will protect their wood floors.  It's an indoor/outdoor rug so it can be hosed down if there are any.... incidents.

I replaced the tiered basket with this cart from Home Goods.  In fact, most of the purchases came together at HomeGoods.  The mirror, cart, basket, planter (with toilet paper), wall art, and a few other bits and pieces were all purchased on a single day.

I sent Jen several options for a sign for her door.  This was my clear favorite and she picked it instantly!  I love her (my?) sense of humor.

The befores and afters:

                                           BEFORE                                              AFTER

What do you think?

Source List:

Wall Color - Sherwin Williams Red Bay
Mirror - HomeGoods
Light - Sea Gull Pemberton (here)
Cart - HomeGoods
Art - HomeGoods
Wire Wall Hanging - Ross
Wire basket - HomeGoods
Rug - Overstock
Towels - Target
Soap and Toilet Scrubber (not shown) - HomeGoods 
Clay pot - HomeGoods
Tinkletorium Sign - Etsy
Turkish bath bowls and Sultan signature - owned by client

Total cost - just under $500!

You can see all of my various ideas and several sources on my Pinterest board for this bathroom. 

The absolute best part was Jen's reaction when she saw the finished room. She had only seen bits and pieces of my idea board and wanted to be surprised. Unfortunately, she would not let me photograph her in the reveal because she was not "camera ready"! hahaha.

Thanks for the opportunity, Jen! If you are interested in my services, please email me.