Doorways Safehouse: Dorm Room {Residents Understood}

The Doorways project recap continues today with an introduction of Jessica Centella and Kiera Kushlan of Residents Understood.  Jessica took the lead as the main contact on our project and she has been a joy to work with!  I cannot say enough good things about them.

Here are some samples of their recent work

They quickly volunteered (much to my surprise) to take on the dorm room in the basement of the safe house.  This room is an awkward room with low ceilings, and many challenges -  the largest of which is that 5 people can live in this space at one time and these people may or may not be related.  Five strangers sharing a room under stressful circumstances.... tough.  It was going to take a lot of money to make this place into a real home.

They presented us with an amazing design which everyone was very quickly excited about!

They used white and black as their anchor colors and then highlighted the space with bright colors.  In fact, each person now has their own color coded armoire and nightstand.  Ingenious.  Brace yourself for these "after" pictures...

Yes, this is the same space... I know.  To save you some flipping, here are some before and afters:



And one more...



Congratulations Jessica and Kiera! The space is amazing and you should be really proud.  Check out more information about the sources on their blog.