Doorways Designers & "Before" Pictures

Over the next couple of days or weeks (depending on my blogging ambition!), I'm going to spotlight each of the designers in the Doorways safehouse project.  I should say that all of the designers were very quick to respond to my request whether they could do it or not.  I was completely shocked and so happy to have found all of the designers we needed within 2 or 3 days!

After everyone signed on (and signed a confidentiality agreement), I sent everyone pictures of the spaces and then they ranked their room choices.  (BTW - DropBox is a great way to privately share photos!)  Everyone received one of their top 3 choices, and several received their first choice.  I thought I would share who got one room along with a run down of the "before" pictures.

Living and Dining Room - Nicole Lanteri of On My Agenda

Playroom/Office - Linda Kosovych of LCK Fine Arts and Design


Bedroom #1 - Anna Kucera of Gracious Living Design

Bedroom #2 - Kate Fallon of Studio K

Bedroom #3 - Heather Cichelli of Casa Mila Design

Dorm Room - Kiera Kushlan and Jessica Centella of Residents Understood

I mentioned the other day that I am tackling the basement office.

Finally, my two sweet neighbors are taking on the two hall bathrooms.  Thanks Meghan and Krista!

We are also thankful for the tremendous help we are receiving from Washington Workplace in the attached staff office.  I'll do a separate post on their designs.

I'll be back shortly with some progress pictures!