A Hobby Becomes a Job {Spendalla}

Exciting news!  As of last week I became an independent home stylist for Spendalla!

I met the owner, Wendy Pilch, back in January when I had my home closet consultation.  We hit it off.  She liked my house and asked if I was a designer.  I admitted I was a wanna-be but am practicing law instead.  As she was leaving my house, she asked if I might be interested in doing some home styling for her clients.  Clearly her clients love her and want her to help style all aspects of her lives!!  She doesn't have the inclination to do home interiors so she was looking for someone to help out a bit.  

I thought about it for 2 weeks and talked to her about it a bit more.  Handy Hubby was very excited for me to do it (how awesome is he?).  In the back of my mind, this is something that I had been hoping to do for a long time.  The blog was an outlet for my creativity but maybe not quite enough.  And I love helping my friends improve their own homes, so this is really an extension of that hobby.  Finally, the Doorways project sealed it for me.  I got a feel for working with clients and how it could work out for me.

I'm going to keep my day job (which I still enjoy and it pays the bills quite nicely actually!) but I work part-time so I'm going to use a few of my off hours to do some home styling.  

To be clear - this is not a full scale home design service.  But, if you are looking for someone to help you pick out furniture, window treatments, paint colors, or accessories for your home, or if you just need someone to come over for a couple of hours to move furniture around your house and find better uses for your space, then I would be perfect for your needs.  I am also happy to help you get a big picture idea of what you might do with a major home renovation or help you pick out tile for a renovation already in progress.  

Finally if you are a real estate agent or a home owner selling your home, I would love to help you stage a home to sell.  I have already started doing a bit of this work but would love to do more, in a use what you have format.

I will work in person if you are local or by email/video conference.  All services are based on a flat hourly rate.  Please let me know if you are interested!  

I look forward to working with you!