Master Closet: Displaying Oversized Necklaces

A few months ago I purchased a closet/wardrobe consultation from a local stylist, Wendy Pilch, of Spendalla.  She and I had a really fun hour digging through my closet and putting outfits together.  Wendy is an amazing stylist and can put together amazing outfits using things you already have, give you suggestions on what to buy, and helping you accessorize (I was clueless with scarves!).  Highly recommend it as a birthday gift to yourself :)

Anyway.... When I pulled out my jumble of necklaces out of my dresser for accessorizing, it became pretty clear to me that I needed a new solution.

Fortunately I  had this really cool hook purchased nearly 2 years ago to hang a robe or two in our closet.  It was too cool to be covered by a robe but I had not found the right purpose or place for it since then.  So, it sat on the floor of my closet where Handy Hubby and I kept stubbing our toes on it!  

I finally found my solution.  Now I had to find a location.  I thought about hanging it on the door of the closet, on the bedroom wall, and in several other possible locations.  In the end, I decided the wall just inside the closet was the best possible location. 

I knew Handy Hubby wouldn't be super thrilled because this is technically his side of the closet... but oh well.  I wanted easy access to my pretty stuff.  Ten minutes later, the hooks were hanging beautifully with only one extra hole which is thankfully nicely covered!

The best part was hanging my pretty (mostly bargain) finds on the hooks.  So easy to grab a necklace as I run out of the closet.  I used the hooks but also the tips of the fleur-de-lis.  Bonus!

Now I have so much more space in my regular jewelry storage.  I can actually find things!  How do you organize your long or chunky necklaces?  


  1. Looks great! I hang mine on a cute bulletin board next to my mirror.

  2. I bought a floor-standing toilet paper holder from Lowes, set it on the chest in the bedroom, and removed the spindle. All of my many long necklaces hang from the C-shaped part of the holder. It works perfectly.

  3. That fits there surprisingly well!

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