Elizabeth's Room Evolves... AGAIN! {Chair}

When we last left off in the Elizabeth room saga, I was talking about rugs and paint.  My goal was to keep all of the furniture because this was supposed to be a "quick change".  Hmm...

I had been thinking for quite a while that the chair was not working in her room generally. Although it was cute, it was not comfortable for reading or really sitting for any period of time.  It was also very small so I could not read the kids stories.  I had explored some other options on Overstock and other discount sites but with no real luck.  Some good contenders for $400 dollars but nothing that really struck me.  It had to be neutral to withstand any future fits of redecorating. This World Market chair is completely adorable and I almost bought it but decided it was no larger than the current chair.

Then I started thinking about Ikea...

Winner! So cute - compact size, washable slipcover... Yet, big enough for reading.

My mom and I took a quick trip to Ikea over the Christmas week.  We picked up a couple of small treasures and this chair.  You can imagine Handy Hubby's face when I told him he had to pack the chair as well as Christmas gifts in the car for the trip home from my brother's!  hehehe

It's so perfect though...

What do you think?


  1. Love it! I am buying several of those...there is a company here in Atlanta (and on Etsy) that makes custom slipcovers for Ikea Ektorp series...checking them out. www.Knesting.com

  2. Looks adorable. Room looks great!!!


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