Happy New Year! (and Living Room Christmas Mantel)

We survived Christmas in our own home!  We opened presents here in the morning (not too early fortunately!), and then left at about 11:30 for a quick drive to Philadelphia to see my adorable niece who is just 5 months old.  It was great to be with them for her first Christmas.  Hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve!  Stay safe. Take a cab or get a designated driver.  We're staying home and having some friends over for a casual dinner of enchiladas and tacos.  Blue margaritas seem like a great way to ring in the New Year!

Just dropping in before the end of the year to share my winter/Christmas mantel in our Living Room.  I shared my informal family room mantel decor a few weeks ago but I absolutely love my living room mantel this year which is completely different from its neighbor in the family room.

This is a collection of silver and glass trees and other metallic trinkets that I picked up at the after Christmas clearance sale at TJ Maxx last year with my mom. I picked up those topiaries at the end of the summer on Target clearance ((Smith & Hawken).  I coveted them all summer but couldn't stomach their ridiculous price.  In the end I think I got them for $19 each which seems reasonable for something I can use in any season and in a variety of locations.

I thought about changing out the picture for a mirror just to amp up the reflectiveness but then I realized that was more work than I was willing to do in this crazy time of year.

I wonder if I could leave this set-up for a few more weeks and call it a winter mantel?

Any New Years Eve plans?  New Years Day plans?  How about those Redskins?!!

And so begins winter... my least favorite time of year.  I'm filling it with fun winter activities including skiing, snowshoeing,