Summer Mantel

It's only halfway through summer and I am finally getting around to blogging about our summer mantle.  Whoops.  I still think the wall area around the TV needs some work so I am going to be doing some heavy pinning over the next few weeks to figure it out.  Check out my other seasonal mantels here.

I seem to have an unintentional bird theme going on.  I don't actually like real birds so maybe this is how I compensate.

 Here's a shot with the ottoman which has coordinating blue-green colors.

And for fun... here's how it looks in the evening (while watching Property Brothers).

Are you still doing any summer decorating?  I am going to work on getting my dining room cleaned up after a summer of craziness.  I also need to get some new plants for my potted plants outside. They are all nearly fried after so many 95+ degree days this year.