Screen Porch Progress: Brick Foundation

I'm a couple of weeks behind on the porch progress but since the progress has been rather slow (for reasons unknown but I'm sure there are some) I can catch you up in a few short posts.

When we last left-off, the workers were harvesting bricks from the side of the porch which will be covered by a new foundation and slab. No sense in covering up perfectly good bricks when we need them for the outside facing part.  You can see below most of the bricks they were able to remove and salvage from our brick pile hanging out next to the garage (left over from our previous major renovation).

Finally, they installed the new foundation wall.

These guys are amazing at what they do which is basically a dying art. Most people do brick facades so it's only a thin brick facia, and not a full brick.  This is much harder to do well.  Next up was the slab pouring but I cannot find those pictures!!  Hopefully I can find some of those pictures and share them soon.

Why does everything take longer than you think it should?  I'm still hoping to have this wrapped up by the end of the month at the absolute latest.  I really want to use the porch in May!