Master Bedroom: More Mirrors

This is my 500th blog post... hard to believe!  I have a blog-iversary gift to my blog (and readers) planned next week. Eye candy!!  Can you guess what it is?  Now, on with the show...

For a while the pictures over our bed have been bugging me.  I really like this original artwork (purchased at a yard sale by my mom many years ago), but it seems a little wasted over the bed where you can't see it. They seem a little too small for the spot and just don't have the impact I wanted.

A few months ago I found a great Crate & Barrel mirror at Goodwill for $20.  I didn't know where I was going to use it but I think I may have finally realized that if I see something I really like - no, actually LOVE - for a great price (under $50) then I should buy it because I will likely end up regretting not buying it and inevitably think of a million places to use said thing about an hour after leaving it behind.  So, home it came with me...

So, I popped it over the bed to see if I liked it.  Result - I do like it. Not sure I love it but it's a departure from the starburst mirror that is over nearly every blogger's bed right now.  Raise your hand if you have one?  Don't get me wrong, I love the look but just wanted to try something different.


Here's the before -

And now...

I like that the mirror is a little less traditional and stuffy than the pictures were.  It also shows off the ceiling height in here. 

I have already found homes for two of the pictures. One is in the corner with my grandmother's chair.  I love the colors together and it grabs more attention. I'm debating adding one of the others over the top of this one for more height.  

The other is over Jim's dresser but it was too messy to photograph in good conscience!

There's a quick change-up for a Tuesday morning.  Have you done any quick changes in your bedroom to lighten it up.