City of Bridges & Fun at Home

I took the kids to see my old friend Anne and her adorable family in Pittsburgh this weekend. Handy Hubby had to work and take care of some things at home, so I packed up the kids early Friday morning and headed west.  This was our first trip to visit Anne in her new city so we were excited to check out.  My kids also enjoyed 4.5 hours of movie time thanks to our minivan's DVD player, and I enjoyed 4.5 hours of near silence!  I have finally come around to early morning departures for road trips. You get most of the trip out of the way before most people are awake!

Once we got there, we spent lots of time hanging out with Anne and her daughters at their beautiful brand new house in Wexford, but also got a chance to really check out the city from a trip down (and up) the Duquesne Incline. From there it was really easy to see why Pittsburgh is known as the City of Bridges.

My kids counted about 10 bridges from there which was great fun for them of course.

Next we hit the Carnegie Science Center which was completely amazing. We could have spent 6 hours there!  Instead we spent 4 and saw a ton of stuff - our kids were TIRED by the time we left.

We are already looking forward to our next visit!

Of course, just before we left, I turned our house upside down. Here's a preview!

Can you guess what's up?

Have you ever been to Pittsburgh?