Old Blog & New Blog

Wanted to highlight a pretty big change I made earlier this week. Some of you know that I had a second blog detailing our home renovation process called Arlington Home Addition.  Recently I was referring to things over there which although they were old, they are still very much part of the story of our house. So.... I decided to merge the two blogs so all of the posts are in one place. It makes the labeling a total nightmare which I'll try to clean-up over the next month or so. But, it feels good to have it all in one place!   So, if you want to see my first post back in 2008 (!), click here.  You'll more than you ever wanted to learn about working with architects, contractors, subcontractors, drywall, paint colors, HVAC, and every other aspect of our home renovation process.

On a totally separate note, has everyone seen the new JC Penney catalog? How cute is that? It's part of their total revamp of the brand and stores thanks to their new CEO Ron Johnson, an Apple Executive. Read more about the changes here. If the clothes are this cute, I cannot wait to see what they do with the housewares and home decor department!

Most of my window treatments are from JC Penney but I've noticed the styles getting stale over the past year and they got rid of some things that I loved like cordless woven roman shades. Hopefully someone is listening and they bring back the good stuff!

Of course, this is really awesome news for those in smaller cities where JC Penney may be the only real department store around.