Mommy Guilt

As I was reorganizing our living room bookshelves (more here), I reorganized our photo album collection. Turns out that Elizabeth (my 5 year old) has about 7 albums devoted to her first year of life (including quarterly shutterfly albums and a raft of prints in larger old-school albums).  Alex (my 2 year old) has 1 12-page paperback album which I got for free from Shutterfly. You can see the purple/pink pile of books in the lower right hand corner of this picture.

All I could picture down the road is him looking for his albums and not finding anything from his first year but Elizabeth bragging about her well-documented 1st year of life. Ugh. Mommy guilt!

So, while Alex was down for the count with the norovirus, I got to work putting together an album for his first year.  Fortunately most of the pictures were already on Shutterfly so popping a new one together was really quite easy.  5 days later, I got this in the mail... 
Nothing like turning lemons into lemonade! The kids have really enjoyed looking at the book. I have always been a big Shutterfly fan although they now have a lot competitors.

p.s. This is not a sponsored post. I just love Shutterfly.