Old To Do Lists

I found this old list in the back of a drawer in our family room. We made this list when we moved back into the house, or just before we moved in, after renovating in 2008.


You can see how we prioritized a few things (those with numbers on the left side), and we even finished a few things before putting the list in the drawer. 2 years later, there are only 2 unfinished projects - the rain barrel and the enclosures around the A/C units. I have good reasons for both. I have not found the perfect spot for a rain barrel yet. I have some ideas but nothing has jumped out as the perfect option. We haven't enclosed the A/C units because I am not happy with the newer unit we have. It's really loud and I have debated replacing it so that we aren't interrupted eating dinner on the porch. I wish I had paid closer attention to the HVAC decisions I made during the renovation but I think this fell through the cracks around the time I gave birth to Alex which took me out of the work zone for four or five days.  It can be fixed but it's going to cost some $$$. I'm going to decide this spring whether I can live with it or not and then finish the enclosure project. 

Still, I think Handy Hubby did a fantastic job knocking off all of these projects. Most were completed within a year which I think is great!!

I love finding notes like this which really take me back in time and remind me what we were thinking about at that point and what our priorities were.

Happy Monday (not).