Master Bedroom Bedding Updates

You can probably picture my Handy Hubby's eyes rolling as he reads this post.  Pillows on the bed are the bane of his existence.  Of course, I adore pillows on the bed because it makes the cozy and inviting. He shouldn't complain about that, right?

For a while I have been considering adding Euro size pillows to the back of the pillow arrangement. I felt the bed needed a little more height because of the headboard. The issue hasn't been quite as pronounced since I upholstered the headboard and footboard though (more on that project here).

So, here's my updated bedding - new duvet cover at the foot of the bed from the Pottery Barn Outlet (pattern is Sydney Palampore and it's ). On a sad note, the Pottery Barn Outlet in Leesburg, Virginia where I bought these a few weeks ago, is closing next week. {Tears}

And here's a way before of the bedroom...

I've got a few more changes up my sleeve for this room. Might take a couple of weeks to implement since I forced myself into "minimal spending in January so we can spend money on some big stuff." UGH. I hate budgets but it will be worth it when you see what we're planning.

I also added a great magazine basket to the reading corner, also from the Pottery Barn Outlet.

I spent quite a few hours here between Christmas and New Years as I devoured The Hunger Games trilogy. Have you read it? I haven't read anything since coming down from my reading high.  I need some recommendations. (Yes, I've read The Help - loved it too!)