Alex's Room: Closet

The first step in getting Alex's new room ready was getting the closet organized. I plan to keep some clothes in there as well as all of the other stuff that comes with kids. Fortunately his closet is huge compared with our original closets pre-renovation. Unfortunately it looked like this when I started the organization process.

Starting a project like this makes me giddy. I love organizing disaster zones. Must be a genetic thing because my dad also really enjoys organizing things.

I started by clearing out the closet.  Fortunately the basics are there - an Elfa closet system which we have used in every closet in our house. I adore these systems and the Container Store people who are there to help me with it. This is not a paid promotion - I just love them.

I knew I wanted to try the Elfa drawers. They are expensive but worth it. Fortunately I hit the semi-annual Elfa sale so everything was 30% off (it's still going on I think). Still expensive but hopefully this closet will work for him for many many years to come. We also keep a stash of leftover Elfa stuff in our attic which we used in our pre-renovation closets. Some of the stuff I have already reused but other stuff is still hanging out up there. Fortunately I found a shorter hanging bar and some hooks, but the shelves weren't the right size (although the Container Store will cut them if you ask really nicely). I have other things in mind for the extra shelves though.

I forgot to take a picture of the closet empty but it was so pretty.

I filled it up with Alex's stuff (which was in his room). Most of the stuff in the closet pictured above was moved to the guest room although the furniture was used in Alex's room.  That one doesn't look so hot now so that will certainly be the next project!

Here's the new and improved closet.

The Elfa drawers are awesome - they slide so easily and hold a ton - 2 are practically empty!  I decided to reuse his dresser but it only has 3 drawers so the extra space will come in handy as he grows. Right now we keep socks, pajamas and sweatshirts in there. This summer I'm sure we'll add bathing suits and hopefully UNDERWEAR!

Are you doing any closet organizing this week?!