Elizabeth's Bookcase: Done!

Jim put the finishing touches on Elizabeth's new bookshelf just before Thanksgiving. We let the paint cure while we were away for Thanksgiving. This past weekend we finally got around to putting it in her room. It really fills the space perfectly and looks perfect. So proud of Handy Hubby!

Here's everything that we took off the old shelves...

Here's the new shelf in place in her room.

And here's how it looked before we started this "little" project.

I think it's a pretty awesome change!!!

Hubby built the whole bookcase out of poplar. The base and top are separate pieces making it easier to move or remove the top if she doesn't want it when she gets older. The bun feet are from Home Depot. It's about 7 feet tall and 45" wide. For extra security, we secured the top to the wall using an L bracket. An absolute necessity if you have kids.

Elizabeth is so excited to have her books so accessible and organized.  I'm sure the organization won't last a week but it at least it looks good in pictures! The bookends were a shower gift 6 years ago. Time flies!!

Any fun projects in the works at your house?