Alex's Room: Part 1 (of 25?)

We started an exciting project here last week! Alex is outgrowing his nursery and we're ready to have that room back as our home office. Here's our upstairs floor plan in case you were wondering what room we're talking about...

What is currently our upstairs guest room will soon be Alex's room, but it definitely needs some changes before we get there.

Let's take a walk down memory lane... 

Here's how it looked when we bought the house.

When we first moved in, this was our master bedroom. This and the room next door (now Elizabeth's room) were close to the same square footage. We later moved to the other room because we liked the layout better.  This room became the guest room and has stayed that way ever since (although through a few different colors!).

Before the addition...

After the addition...

The major change in this room after the addition was the addition of a real closet and squaring the doorway. Hard to explain but basically the room had a tiny closet and now it has a huge closet. Unfortunately, this room generally served as a dumping ground for furniture, wall art, and stuff that needed to find a home. The closet generally looked like this most of the time.

As with all room redos, we started by emptying the room. We sold the mattress, and put the bed frame in the attic in case we ever want to use it down the road.

Then we had a clean slate. 

I really wanted to add some interest to this room which is quite small 10' x 11'. I really wanted board and batten moldings. It feels boyish but would add some simple interest to the room. Hopefully the molding will grow with him. 

Here are some of the inspiration pictures which I found on Pinterest.
Two Story Cottage via Pinterest

Mini Manor via Pinterest
Time to put Handy Hubby to work!

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