Faking It

I never thought I would be writing this post, but I am considering getting a fake Christmas tree. 
  1. Yes, I love Christmas.
  2. Yes, I love the smell of real trees. 
  3. Yes, I think they are beautiful. (see last year's here)
  4. Yes, I love the experience of going and cutting down our tree. 

  1. I don't like the mess they make. 
  2. Putting lights on is annoying.
  3. And I'm allergic to them and I'm pretty sure my son might be too (he's had ear infections both of the last two Christmases). 
  4. And we are often traveling before Christmas so the tree gets dried out an drops needles even faster. 

And to round out the debate, these are not the reasons I'm considering this move.
  1. Environmental reasons. I think real trees are more environmentally friendly but let's not debate that point.
  2. Expense. A good artificial tree is hundreds of dollars and probably won't last more than 6 or 7 years until the lights burn out or it's too dusty or worn from use. 
While the debate continues, here are some options. I haven't looked at the big box stores yet.
Home Decorators Collection - 40% off right now so $161 plus free shipping

Frontgate - $$$
Brookstone - $429.00 + shipping
But will I like any of them as much as this?

Do you have a fake tree that's super realistic? With LED bulbs? I'd love to hear about it!