Master Closet Makeover

I'm not sure I have ever photographed my master bedroom closet. A large master closet was at the top of our wish list for our home renovation. When we downsized the size of our addition after the first quote from a builder, we shrunk the size of our room, not our closet!

Here was our closet last winter (right around the time that John and Sherry crashed our house). It was not looking so awesome or cozy at that point. We had even taken the second light down because it stopped working. Fortunately we were able to buy a new transformer and fix it. Phew. The shelving is all Elfa which I adore even though it's not the most beautiful. A closet is still functional first and pretty second. I bought the birch strips for the edge to dress it up a bit. Fortunately it was 50% off when I had to buy those pieces!

We are incredibly lucky to have a window in our closest. Natural light is always the best when you are trying to figure out your outfit for the day.

I bought the bench at my fav consignment store, REfind in Vienna. Carey always has the cutest stuff. (BTW - Carey, when are you coming over to visit?)  I love the bench shape and size but the fabric was not working for me although it was adorable. (The fabric actually ended up becoming one of the flowers on the lampshade I remade for Elizabeth's room.)

I decided that I needed a rug which I bought on Overstock. The yellow border was not my first choice because I really wanted something more gray or blue in here, but it was the only color available at the time. Of course, now they have loads of colors!

I would still like to do some more organizing of our stuff on the shelves and rods but that's a project for another day. At least we have cohesive hangers instead of our original mishmash of stuff. Yes, I really like shoes.

Then I turned my attention to the other wall. I made a custom curtain and recovered the little bench with fabric  that has been hiding in my attic for about 5 years. No idea where I got it but it works perfectly!

I'll give you more details on how I made the panels at a later date!!

I think Handy Hubby thought it was ridiculous to spend time adding any decor to the closet. I told him he would appreciate the rug when winter comes - he's still undecided!

Any decor in your closets?

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