Lamp Shade Makeover

We're still working on the powder room so hopefully I'll have some after photos later this week for you. Fingers crossed! In the mean time, I've been working on a few other things. You might remember the floor lamp that I painted last year for my daughter's room.

I really liked how it turned out but the white shade was always a little dullsville for me. I bought some rick-rack trim but it wasn't getting the job done no matter how I tried to make it work. I finally came up with a quick and easy embellishment after seeing so many fabric flowers all over blog land! Bingo!

I watched a couple of videos on YouTube and realized this was very doable even for not-so-crafty me could handle it. I had some leftover fabric from a few different projects including the fabric I used for Elizabeth's first birthday party (she's 5 now!), one that we used for her nursery (now Alex's nursery), and one that came off a stool which I bought a long while back (and recovered).

I had a helper of course.

I started by tying a not in the end of a long strip of fabric (size depends on how big you want your flower to be).  Then I attached the knot to the center of a circle of scrap cardboard (cut from a cracker box) with a dab of Aleene's Fast Grab Tack Glue. I then twisted the fabric around the knot and pressing the fabric into a bead of glue. My five year old helped with the glue which made it go quicker because she could apply glue while I twisted and pressed the fabric.

(She got a manicure with me last week and she was REALLY proud of it. Her dad was not so happy about it. Haha.)  

When we ran out of fabric, I trimmed the extra cardboard from the edge, then glued them on the lamp with the same Aleene's glue.

I think it really goes well with her gallery wall since it's also funky and cheerful (just like her!).  I may make a few more tweaks to both the lamp and the wall so stay tuned.

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