Fake, Faux, Not Real

Yesterday I revealed my front porch fall updates.


See those pumpkins?

Totally fake. Yup, not a real one in the bunch. I finally gave up on the real pumpkins for purely decorative purposes after the squirrels had a feast of them last year. This year there is supposed to be a shortage because of the heavy rains in the east so it made it a perfect year to "invest" in some fake pumpkins (funkins?). These all came from Michaels although I think two different manufacturers. None of them was over $7 each when I used my coupons (of course). Here's how they looked when I brought them home.

A bit too perfect, so I had to "real" them up a bit.  I took a rag with some regular minwax stain that we had in the basement, and I just rubbed it on all over the pumpkins. I also took some scissors and jabbed them a bit so they didn't look quite as perfect. Now they are much more realistic.

Have you de-perfected something recently? Tell me about it!!

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