Old Chair. New Home.

I forgot to mention the little earthquake we had here in Virginia on Tuesday afternoon. Maybe you heard about it?! The good news is that the damage was generally pretty minimal considering we almost never get earthquakes. People in California were certainly laughing at our ridiculousness.

I was at my office which is on the 8th floor of a building in Washington and I could definitely feel it! I was on the phone and hung up with a quick "My building is shaking!"  As soon as I realized what it was after a quick mental checklist of possibilities - earthquake (no way!), window washers (they were there that day), construction (across the street), bomb (yes, this is D.C. after all and that was a thought - but no correlating boom), EARTHQUAKE!! I ran to stand in the doorway of my office. I looked into the hallway in time to see other people doing the same thing, and then a co-worker yelled that everyone had to get out of the building immediately. Down the stairs we walked (fortunately only 8 floors). Everyone got to practice their emergency drills (again, yes, this is D.C.) although we modified ours for a quick walk to the park across the street instead of 2 blocks away to a hotel which wouldn't let us in. Fortunately, I had my phone and was able to receive some emails, but no phone calls. I quickly emailed my husband (he works in a REALLY old building) and then texted my son's babysitter, and received a quick email from my daughter's school saying everything was fine. Big sigh of relief. We were able to go back into our building a few minutes later. Wow. I know a lot of people in the world live with daily, weekly, or monthly earthquakes but I think I'll pass. Thanks.

So, after my DIY upholstery cleaning last weekend, my grandmother's wingback chair continued to sit in the living room for 4 more days.

Last night, I got Handy Hubby to help me carry it upstairs to its new home in our room. Finally!  That only took three or four months.

For comparison purposes, here's what the room looked like with the other chair (purchased from Overstock about two years ago).

I think the blue chair makes much more of a statement in that corner of the room. I need a different pillow, and the bed is now desperately in need of an update. More on that to come!

The final verdict on the DIY cleaning is that it did work to get quite a lot of the stains out. I think it could still use a professional cleaning but it's not longer really urgent. I'll be interested to see what my mom thinks when she sees it again.

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