Lamps on the Loose

My lamps have been running around the house again. Remember these?

In our room
Also seen here...
And back in our room again, here...
Honestly, I had started to lose hope because they were not really at home in our room or our living room. I liked the lamps but they seemed out of place.

Then they found their way down to the guest room in our lower level.

Here's a picture of the room with the old lamps to jog your memory a bit.

They seem much more at home here than they have anywhere else in the house so I think they will stay here. The shades are perfect with the wall color and comforter and they really match the feel of this room. I need to make an update to the ceiling light in this room though because I really hate it. I'm just thankful I don't have to go to sleep looking at it!

Do you like it? Any lamps running around your house this week?