House Tour Room-by-Room Link-up Party: Mud Rooms

I'm working on a whole bunch of projects which I hope to share later this week. I've been a lazy blogger this month so bear with me!

One thing we didn't get in our renovation was a true mudroom. We have what I like to call a mud area near our side door which connects to the driveway.  But, this does work for us. 

I have some ideas on how to improve this area but the space is limited. The kids use the steps to put their boots on and off. Fortunately they really only play in the snow less than 10 days per year (2009-2010 excepted) thanks to the mild Virginia winters. 

We also have another area outside of our half bath which is a secondary area for dropping things. We have a small coat closet there which keeps my coat collection in check - no hangers, no new coats!

So, make me jealous and show me your awesome mudrooms, but I also want to see where you got creative and made a mud area where there wasn't one before. Can't wait to get some inspiration for my areas! Don't forget to link up or grab a button below!

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