Summer Mantel (teensy bit late)

Although the official start of summer was only Tuesday, it has felt like summer in Virginia for about 2 months. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I LOVE SUMMER. I love everything about it including the heat but especially the pool, beach, BBQs, being outside, eating on the screen porch, evening walks, gardening...

Honestly, I almost didn't do this post because my summer mantel looks quite a bit like my winter mantel. I think that's because I LOVE the glassware that I have up there now. The blues and greens work so well in my house that I just didn't really feel like changing anything. I still have some ideas for other things I could do to make it more summer-like, but I think I'll generally keep it going in this theme. Maybe I'll change for fall. Or maybe not.

For those of you concerned about TV viewing, here's the view from the sofa. No obstructions!

I'm still considering options for hiding the television when it's not in use. More to come on that though!