A Sofa for All Seasons

For some reason, as soon as the temperatures warm up, I start craving slipcovered furniture. Maybe it reminds me of the beach but there is just something about slipcovers which screams summer to me. Am I alone in this desire?  This year, I decided to address the problem head on when the weather started heating up in late April. Our family room sofa came from a great little furniture store called Urban Retreat in Reston, Virginia. It's not a sofa we'll have forever (at least not in our family room) but the size and price worked well for what we wanted post renovation. Oddly, it was one of the only immediate furniture purchases we needed to make post renovation!

It's covered in a rugged chenille which doesn't show a speck of dirt or wear. Last year, I warmed it up more with some monogrammed brown velvet pillows, but the overall look wasn't doing it for me in the warmer weather.

I started considering making a slipcover. I have done it before on a chair in my son's room and it came out fine but it would not have withstood the wear and tear of the family room. Fortunately, I remembered that this particular sofa was available from the manufacturer with a slipcover. Hello! I emailed Urban Retreat for a price which came back at $500. Honestly, by the time I bought the fabric,cording, and created my not so great slipcover, I am sure it would have been this much. So I ordered it up in an off-white denim and now my sofa looks like this...

I still need to steam out the wrinkles but I couldn't wait to show you. I have another update in the works which I'll share soon!

I love the idea of having a seasonal sofa which I can warm up in the cooler months, then throw on the slipcover in the summer. I guess this means that I could get even more longevity out of this sofa. The added bonus of the white denim is that it would go with pretty much any room in my house so if I ever decided to move the sofa to the basement playroom, it would work flawlessly.

I'm curious - does anyone else use a slipcover only in the warm weather? Do you like it? Do you remember to take it on and off?