Mini Table Makeover

This is both a mini-makeover and a mini-table. I have had this little table on our porch for at least 8 years but maybe longer. It's absolutely tiny and is probably really just a plant stand. I think I bought it at Michael's or someplace like that.

I thought about selling it in my yard sale but then decided that if I saw it in a yard sale for $3 I would probably buy it so I opted not to sell it. Instead, I took a can of spray paint to it. This is the first time I've used Rustoleum and I don't think I'll ever go back to Krylon. Definitely worth the extra couple of dollars. Every time I use Krylon it bubbles which may be the paint's fault or mine but that didn't happen this time so I'm betting it was the paint.

Here's the result on my screen porch -

Definitely not a life-changing makeover but that little table bothered me every time I walked out on the porch. I bought that giant bell on the clearance pile at Pottery Barn at the end of last summer. I use it as a giant door stop (great because no one trips on it!) and as a decoration on our screen porch which is still a bit behind in the decor area. More to come on that.

Anyone else doing any mini paint makeovers in your house this week?

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