What is it about blue?

I seem to be going through a blue phase. No, not sad or depressed, but I am loving blue everywhere. Not light gray-blue but real blue - royal blue and navy blue especially. I recently made the blue pillows for the living room (how to here) and I LOVE them but that may have only fed the proverbial fire.

The living room is connected to the screen porch where we have been spending some time lately (I'm writing this on the sofa right now!). I started thinking about changing all of the red-orange pillows to blue pillows just to perk it up and tie it to the living room, but that would have been a bigger investment than I want to make right now. So, I opted to supplement what I have with some blue pillows and see if it worked.

Here's the before...

And here's now...

What a difference a couple of pillows make? They are graphic and fun. Best of all - $12.99 each at Target! I also added the blue flower pot ($4.99 at Ross) and the striped candle (free after a neighbor's yard sale).

So, that's the victory and here's the fail. I thought I really wanted to string some lights around the top of the porch to give it more of a campy feel. I found a few adorable sets at Target (same trip as the pillow find). I finally got around to stringing them up...

Blah! Yucko. Too campy and industrial for the porch and just sloppy looking. I think I have enough going on with the lanterns and curtains that the lights just gum it up too much. So, they're going back. Oh well.

Any decorating wins or losses lately?