Putting some spin on the laundry room

A laundry room on the bedroom level was on the top 3 things that I wanted out of this renovation (along with a master bathroom and BIG closet). It took me about 20 seconds to snag a color for the walls since I figured we could repaint if it was horrible since the room is super tiny. It's more of an over-sized closet with a window.

A few months after moving back in, we also added some white wire Elfa shelving (Container Store). I considered cabinetry but in the end I figured this is a laundry room and making stuff easy to access may encourage Handy Hubby to do the laundry (which he generally does fortunately!). We also have an extendable drying rack hanging on the right wall which works really well for our purposes.

We bought our new high efficiency LG washer and dryer this past winter during a serious sale at Best Buy. I really like them and I think I am finally figuring out a lot of the settings on the washer. Dryer is pretty straightforward thankfully.

I actually ended up really liking the color in here. It's a nice cheerful green without being blindingly bright. The floor is a cheap-o hexagon ceramic tile from Home Depot - another 5 minute decision literally standing in the tile aisle 9 months pregnant at 9 p.m. a few days before I had Alex. Fortunately I found someone to lift the boxes!

Since we put the shelving up, we have done nothing with the room otherwise. I pretty much threw all of the stuff on the shelves and left it. This has also become a landing place for things like the dog's cone collar and some extra dog towels. Not exactly pretty to look at it. Although the room has a pocket door, we pretty rarely close it except if we are doing laundry after the kids go to bed.

So, here's the spiffed up laundry room...

The bins are all from Target. The color works amazingly well with the wall color. I made the window treatment with $10 worth of fabric that I purchased a few months ago on a whim. I'll give you the quick and dirty tutorial tomorrow. The painting is from REfind which I purchased for the basement guest room but I gave it an easy make-over update that I'll also share later this week. At which point, you can also weigh in on whether you like it or not.

Finally, I had been thinking about changing the light fixture but now I kind of like the dark accent which picks up on the dark tones in the painting and the fabric window treatment so it stays for now. {big sigh of relief from the Handy Hubby}

I now loving walking past this room - which I do many times each day from the stairs to our room.

Any easy updates going on in your house?

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