Officially Obsessed: Trays

Not sure if this is an obsession or adoration, but I am in love with trays. I've posted about this on several occasions (here and here) but now it may be a full-blown addiction. I keep finding more and more uses for them and I cannot stop! Help me! No, don't help me. I like them and I plan to continue.

Here's my latest conquest. We have a messy area of counter on the end of our kitchen counter near the table. There's a handy outlet here for plugging in the phone and cell phone chargers, which also requires pens and  but it's also close to the table so the obvious place for salt and pepper shakers and napkins for the table.

It was hard to keep everything corralled in that area so I had been thinking through some possible solutions - a closed box, open box, or a tray. I settled on the tray but I'm not foreclosing the idea of an open box which may ultimately work even better - we'll see.

But, for now, a tray is what I needed. I started digging around the house. Fortunately I had picked up a cute black and white melamine tray at Hobby Lobby a month or two ago (my first trip - nearest one is 45 minutes away in Maryland). Dropped it on the counter and tossed my junk onto it. Suddenly - pretty classy!

It's a small improvement but hopefully things will stay on the tray instead of creeping all over that corner of the counter. Doubt it, but maybe!

Any quick and easy organization projects on your agenda this week?