A can of spray paint walks into a bar...

Spray is the golden child of the home decor blogging world. You see it everywhere, on everything, in ever color, for any purpose.I really try not to go nuts with the spray paint. I have spray painted a lamp for Elizabeth's room and that's pretty much it. I have a few more small spray paint projects in the works but I still kind of prefer traditional paint brushes. Weird, I know.

Admittedly, it has its purpose. I bought this painting at REfind probably close to a year ago.

When I go there, I have a method. I walk around the whole store and take in everything that Carey is doing - seasonal stuff, new furniture, etc. Then I go back to the stuff that caught my eye initially. I came back to this painting about 4 times before I finally picked it up. It was about $25 if I recall but I just liked it. Of course I adore yellow and my house is filled with blue and green so I knew I could find a place for it. I originally pegged it for the basement guest room but it never really worked in there.

Then I started working on the laundry room and decided to give it a go in there. I decided that the frame was not working at all and it needed to be changed. I opted for the old spray paint.

So much more modern and updated and really cheerful for the laundry room.

I know you probably think it's ugly but I do really like it. Tell me what you think...really.

What are you spray painting this week?