One thing leads to another...

I am going to be straight with you (I generally am so this is really nothing new). The entire time I was looking for new counter stools, I was also thinking about replacing our kitchen table and chairs. The table is an antique drop-leaf table that has been in my family for a really long time (100+ years), but it is just not practical for everyday use with kids. It is 2 inches shorter than a normal sized table which makes even my small-ish chairs a tight squeeze - especially on the sides where there is really no leg space.

I trolled Craigslist for several weeks even before I ordered the bar stools. The stools were a bigger priority on my annoying furniture that I hate list. The stools also didn't have any sentimental value so they were easier to replace. The table was actually the table that we ate off when I was very young. In hindsight, I think my parents stopped using it because it wasn't practical for their young family! Hah!

I really wanted a round pedestal table with a leaf or two if possible. Nearly every round table on Craigslist was too small, was not a pedestal, wasn't wood (laminate, etc.) or was just too hideous to even attempt a make-over.

I got frustrated. I started looking at new tables. I found a great table... well, a lot of great tables but not too many tables at a reasonable price! This World Market table was at the top of my list.

World Market - Charlotte
It's a nice size at 45" in diameter and comes with a leaf. It sells for $449 but I hear they often have coupons, so it probably would have been closer to $400 in the end. Not bad.

Things got busy over the weekend so I didn't buy it. I like to thing quite a bit about making a big purchase like that because I want to love it.

Then... Craigslist came through for me! I found a great solid oak 48" table with 2 leaves which had been recently refinished for $145! Score! I trucked out to the middle of nowhere Virginia to pick it up. It's perfect! 
Well... almost. The finish is not done perfectly for the hubby's taste but I am sure the kids will get it nicely distressed before long anyway.

Jim helped me bring it in after dinner one night last week before heading out for a neighborhood guys' night out. We quickly realized it was really tall - 33" tall to be exact. I wanted a bigger table but this was a tad bit ridiculous! Yikes! Fortunately, I quickly realized the casters were not meant for this table, but Jim was already out the door (funny how that happens!).
I had the table turned over and the screwdriver out of the junk drawer only seconds after he had left. I could not live with the giant table for even one night.
 Bang. Done.

Now, about those chairs...